Friday, 6 November 2015

Devil's Bridge Falls.

During our trip to Wales, we visited the Rheidol Gorge; a deep gash in the land cut by the flow of the river Mynach dropping 300 feet to join the river Rheidol in the valley below.

You enter the gorge at the top by the three Devils bridges, and through the trees you can hear the roaring of the falls and see the valleys below.  

Finally, after walking down the slippy, leaf-strewn path, we were rewarded with our first view of the falls. looking so beautiful surrounded by trees in their autumn colour.

A hair-pin bend in the path brought us to the top of a terrifying section of the descent; Jacob's ladder. Here the 100 steps fell away below us so steeply, that safety barriers had been placed at 90 degrees to the path to prevent falls.

I was so glad to get to the bottom of the steps which seemed to go on for ever!

Finally we reached the valley bottom, time to cross the Rheidol using this little cast iron bridge.  Kev and I found ourselves wondering how on earth they had got it to this remote spot.

 Reaching the bottom of the gorge meant only one thing; we had now to climb out of it! The way up was steep and pretty relentless, but took us very close to the falls, near enough to take more photos, and even a bit of video.

This is the Devil's cauldron, a bowl naturally worn from the rock by the movement of the water.
Love a bit of geology!!


Louise H said...

Well worth the steep descent and climb - although I would have needed to stop halfway, I'm sure. The photos are stunning.

Virginia said...

Wow what gorgeous photos and an amazing waterfall - I love the video footage too!

Christine said...

Thank you for this posting.
I have heard a lot about these falls and often wondered about them but never visited. This ewas as good as visiting Loved the video.