Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Attingham Park

We travelled to see Katie  during half term and to break the long drive stopped off at a National Trust house in Shropshire.

Attingham Park had belonged to a Georgian ambassador and the downstairs of the the mansion was very well preserved.

The house was split into two sections, one masculine, the other feminine; the ladies parlour was beautifully decorated with an incredible chandelier and incredible plaster work on the ceiling.

The dining room was set up to show how it would have looked for an ambassadorial dinner, even down to the very dim candlelight . It's amazing how much we take electric lights for granted today.

As it was a special occasion the volunteers were in Regency costume too.

My favourite part was the below stairs exhibitions including the butlers pantry, housekeepers room, servant's hall and kitchen.  The cooks were even preparing foods in costume.

Kev's favourite exhibit was that of a lathe that had belonged to the owner of the Hall.

Apparently he enjoyed turning wood so much he had a room dedicated to it. Alas only one item from that room survived the 20th century sales of house contents to keep these old places afloat. A great day out breaking our journey to Wales.


Louise H said...

What a lovely way to break your journey. It looks like you had a fun time too. The place looks fabulous from your photos of it.

Ladkyis said...

I love the way the National Trust has opened up in this 21st century. Now they give their visitors even more eye candy and you learn a lot of stuff without even realising.

We haven't been to Attingham park for more than 20 years so it's about due for another visit. We've been to Tyntesfield four times since the Trust acquired it because things are changing so much there.

Hope the visit to Wales was happy