Friday, 6 May 2016

A hand made gift

My lovely mother in law made me a patchwork table runner for our very long table in the dining room a couple of years ago. Being a little contrary, I decided to change the decor in there this year, so the old table runner no longer matched too well.

Luckily, Kathleen didn't feel put out; instead she collected some pieces of suitable cotton to patch together a new runner.  (The fabric came from my another family member running a fabric business in France; always good to keep it in the family!)

The new runner is so beautiful I made a card to thank Kathleen.  Hope she likes it.

And for those worrying that I am being wasteful with a hand made item it will reappear during the festive season as the runner will go perfectly with our Christmas tree!


jill said...

A lovely table runner & well done to family to helping out with fabric.

Wendy said...

that is lovely :-)

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

That's just grand! Jx