Sunday, 22 May 2016

Another National Trust house

On the same day we went to Upton House, we called in at Coughton Court near Stratford on our way home.

 The house was owned by a catholic family related to many of those involved in the Gunpowder Plot and had remained in this family for hundreds of years.

Access to the roof could be gained by one of the turrets, there was also a priest hole within the rooms.

The views from the roof in all directions were glorious, lime green trees, blossom and yellow rape in bloom.

Inside, the entrance hall was beautiful from the staircase, with glamorous chandeliers, oak floor, stone fireplace and many of the family's personal possessions still in place; as if they had just stepped out for a minute.

The end of a lovely Sunday out together.

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Virginia said...

Oh we've visited there it really is fantastic isn't it!