Thursday, 16 June 2016

Getting organised.

I have a lot of scrapbooks.  Really, a lot! After scrapbooking for over 12 years my books can be found in many rooms of the house, and they were not particularly well organised.  Last weekend, after completing a class by Shimelle, I decided to take matters in hand and sort them out once and for all. Little did I know I would come up with a way of solving how I store my photos I want to scrapbook too.

I decided to start small, with my holiday albums. There were three of them, all mixed up by place and chronologically too. First step was to sort pages by place:

1. Foreign holidays; not too many pages here, fit in one album sorted by place.

2. UK trips outside Dorset. Sorted again in general areas, Midlands split 3 ways as this where I live so plenty of pages; Wales; Southern England; Norther Ireland; London. I left a few pages empty and put in unscrapbooked photos ready to make LOs to fill the gaps. Also some empty page protectors for future trips to these areas.

3. Weymouth. We have been visiting Dorset with the children for over 20 years so there were a lot of LOs. Saying that, there were also some gaps, from 1993 to 2000 for example. Why? Pre-digital days! So I searched through my old photos, scanned them (just in case) and plan to scrapbook the originals in spaces I left in my Dorset scrapbook. To remind me what goes where, I am storing the photos within my scrapbook in the places the layout will go. So now I have no folder of photos,  and all I need to do is pick up an album and choose which one to scrapbook.

I'm looking forward to scrapping these old photos of when my 'children' , now 24, 21 and 17 were young to fill the gaps.

One set of albums sorted, just a few more to go!


Michelle G said...

I love a spot of organising almost as much as I love scrapping.

Chidkid said...

Sounds like a plan! I got all mine out to reorganise the other day, left them all over the dining room table and floor for a few days in piles, then got fed up with the mess, scooped them up in a huge pile and put them back in the spare bedroom again out of sight! DOH!

misteejay said...

Sounds like you are getting organised.
My albums are in a mixed up mess but I really need to tidy my craft space before I attempt to sort them.
Toni xx