Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Kitchen Tour

You may recall that last Autumn I stopped posting here for a couple of months as I was not crafting.  This hiatus was because all of my stash had been packed away for the refurbishment of our kitchen.  This mammoth job was completed just before Christmas (just in time!) but as I have been posting my journal, I had not had time to show you the new room.

I foolishly took few photos before we began, but here is one (above) just after starting ;

and one of Harry and Kev taking up the old floor...that job was a nightmare as we not only removed the kitchen floor, but the utility and downstairs loo, so the flooring is now the same throughout.

So to the finished kitchen...We did keep most of our large electrical items (fridge, cooker and dishwasher) as they matched the new room and were still in good working order. This wine rack that supports the cupboard on top of the fridge freezer has been popular with visitors!

Our wonderful kitchen fitters recommended a reasonably priced granite company, so we fitted worktops, a window sill and the cooker splash-back in granite.  We chose a microwave fitted into cupboards as one of the things that annoyed me about my old kitchen was the lack of worktop we have more room to prepare food,  cook, dish up and unload the shopping.

The gap between the main part of the kitchen and the dining/crafting area is a little narrower than before, but it did allow us to fit in more cupboards.

Most of these are filled with my crafty stash...before, it was all visible making the dining area look really untidy; now there is a space for everything.

 One of the tall cupboards has space for our china set and some larger plates and platters, the rest are filled with crafty stash.

We have retained our old welsh dresser and pine table, both over 25 years old now as we bought them (or they were gifts) early in our marriage.

 I chose a wood-look Amtico style floor to go with the kitchen and our old furniture, it is wonderfully warm underfoot and was beautifully laid by another contact of our kitchen fitter.

Most of the kitchen is neutral in colour, this was a deliberate choice as we can change it up by simply altering accessories and the wallpaper.

I chose a cheery mustard and grey to give a hit of colour to the space, love the wallpaper that Kev chose (from a shortlist given to him by me!!) to go just in the dining area.  It looks especially nice with these daffodils.

...and the inspiration for my choice of colours?  This set of 3 storage pots I had picked up from Aldi a while back.

I will try to post later in the month about how I have organised my crafty stash... it took a while to organise it all, but I can now find most of it!

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