Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Paige Evans Layout

Last Autumn, I attended a workshop just outside Coventry with the lessons taught by Paige Evans.
Paige prefers to use single photo layouts (and small pictures at that).  Not my usual style, so it was good to have a new type of page to go in my albums.

The photo on this page was taken at the Black Country Museum, I went there with the girls last summer on a boiling hot day.

We bought fish and chips to eat from the paper sitting on a grassy bank, along with dandelion and burdock to drink from the bottle.
The letters were cut from simple templates from a mix of Paige's papers and edged with a fine line pen.

Although we had a lovely day, I did get badly bitten by ants on that bank and ended up with a horribly infected leg; luckily I did manage to get into the doctors for treatment as we headed off on holiday within the week.

Finally, it's payday today.  Having been payed at the beginning of the Christmas school holidays on the 19th of December, it has been a REALLY long time coming!

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