Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Day Out in Birmingham

What a glorious weekend!  I think the reason I love April is that the weather is so unpredictable!  One day it can be cold, frosty even, the next raining, then sunny and warm..Luckily, last  weekend just gone was unexpectedly warm, time to find the summer dresses, sandals and sunscreen!

On Saturday, I spent the day in Birmingham with Hannah, enjoying window shopping, cocktails and eating out!

We started off passing the iconic Rotunda on our way to breakfast in The Alchemist just outside the cathedral.

Then we walked to centenary square and the Library of Birmingham.

I last went along with Hannah to the library back in February, it had been snowing and was bitterly cold, so because of the poor weather, we couldn't get out onto the rooftop garden.

This time, it was so warm that we sat in the sunshine up on the 7th floor garden, no need for a cardigan.
Viewing the rooftops of the city from this height is incredible, especially on a clear day,..

You get a great view of the urban landscape along with Birmingham's well known canals.

On leaving the library, we noticed that the EDL had a stand set up outside the building (ironic!)  They had organised a demonstration, and were shouting as we returned to New Street.  not wanting to hear their vitriol, we decided that lunch was called for and had cocktails and food in a rooftop garden (again) above the noise below.

 Our final stop was for more cocktails(!) at The Botanist...The drinks were amazing, made with fresh fruit and herbs... and a little snifter of alcohol!

 I think I may have been one of the oldest in both of the bars; The Botanist was staffed by hipster barmen with bushy beards...

and I loved the chandeliers made up of hanging beads, jugs, glasses and a variety of vintage kitchen goods.

We were entertained by an acoustic guitarist, and now I've scouted out the city, I think I need to go with Kev next week during the Easter holidays!

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Margaret Guest said...

It sounds a lovely way to spend a day. Love the chandeliers....Mgt.