Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Outdoor Austen

Last Saturday, the girls and I went over to Castle Bromwich Hall for the afternoon. We had bought tickets for an outdoor performance of Jane Austen 's Sense and Sensibility by the Birmingham based Crescent Theatre.

We began our afternoon with a lovely picnic; as I had bought the tickets, Hannah  prepared the food, all in a lovely Dorothy style basket.  As soon as we arrived at the gardens,  the sun appeared, so we found an out of the way bench to have our meal: chicken salad, artisan breads, cream cheese, soft fruit...a real outdoor feast!

Luckily enough as we were early arrivers,  we managed to find front row seats (director's chairs) and settled in for the performance.   The gardens formed the perfect stage, as they are Tudor in origin, they still maintain an archery green with a hedge at the end;  this formed the backdrop to the stage.  It was a lovely show, the only downside being the fact that the venue is directly under Birmingham airport's flight path.  As the planes took off, the actors simply couldn't be heard  so they simply had quite a few pregnant pauses!

Sitting in the sunshine on a glorious afternoon with culture thrown in for good measure...what could be better?☺

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