Thursday, 2 April 2009

Musical Blogs

I thought (as i had a really bad day yesterday and have done no crafting at all for days) that i would pose a question in my post for today....
How do you feel about music on other peoples blogs?
I have to admit that if i open a blog, and music starts playing that i immediately scroll down to where it is coming from and switch it off... or (even worse) i just close the page. Am i the only one that does this?
To be honest I wouldn't inflict my musical taste on anyone else (much as i love Led Zeppelin, my love for them, among others REALLY shows my age!) but how do others feel about this?
I also find that the music can really distract me from what i want to do, read the post, or look at the craft project.

So here is a plea for other blog owners, if you have to have music, set it up so that it can be switched off immediately the page opens, or so that the reader chooses whether the music plays.
Oh, and sorry about the pic of Robert Plant... i had to inflict this on you!!!


sheena ribena said...

ann - i too always turn off blog music as i don't want to disturb the children if they are asleep

sue-bubbles said...

As I dont know how to get sound out of the speakers on my monitor, I dont have this problem...if I want to listen to anything, I plug my earphones in - but I dont think I would like being blasted with music on opening up blogs either. I hope mine hasnt defaulted any kind of muzak...Ive never had my ears on when opening it up!!!
Good debate Ann!
Sue x

Conrad said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

I dont like music on blogs either and quickly turn off my speakers!
I saw Robert Plant at a petrol station in Malvern some years ago.OH had gone in to pay, and I noticed this guy looking across and smiling (!). When OH got back in the car I said, see that guy over there who looks like ageing rock star, he was smiling over at me. OH looked and said thats Robert Plant!!!!!
Jackie worcs :-)

Papoosue said...

Hi there :-) I've recently come across your blog and thought I'd say hi. I hate it too when music starts up and my reaction is the same, it just distracts me too much from reading the blog. As for Robert Plant - post as many pics as you like - I love him! (also showing my age lol).

CoventryAnn said...

( this is not coventry ann)

mum you are defo not the only one who turns off blog music i thinks its very annoying if you want to listen to music do so in your own time >:(

:D katie