Saturday, 19 December 2009

Letters to Santa

Today's page is about letters to Santa. Last year Harry's letter took pride of place on the page, this year everyone wrote a little note to Santa, and as the pages are not inside protectors the notes are easy to take out and read. Harry's has a list of toys, shorter this year, he's asked for a surprise, Kev just asked for time with the family, i asked for a job (Ha Ha) and Hannah's is still to be written as she is down in Oxford this weekend. I found Katie's letter so sweet, for a 15 year old all she asked for was an A grade in her maths GCSE mock she sat before Christmas, it's nice to record what is important to us all.

Extremely cold here today, i don't think the temp has been above zero all day, and apart from a few flakes earlier tonight no sign of much snow yet. I have a crop in Nuneaton tomorrow, with a bring and share buffet, so am looking forward to this. Should get another page made for my journal.

Stay warm :)


SusieJ said...

I love this page Ann and the idea of you all writing letters this year.
You can have our snow if you want some - only managed to walk Max for about 200 yards last night as everywhere is sheet ice - not pleasant.
Sue x

Julia Dunnit said...

No snow here either, but ver very frosty this morning, oh boy!
Love the pages as always, your detail is amazing. So is your family going to put the idea to my two tonight, see what they do/say....!