Sunday, 20 December 2009

Strictly posting

Looking back over my blog for the Autumn seems a little odd that i haven't posted at all about Strictly, despite the fact that i have been totally obsessed with it since September (no X-factor for me I'm afraid... not too keen on supporting Cowell's megalomania :) )
So yesterday... finals day, i decided to include a Strictly LO as part of my journal as it forms so much of the build up to Christmas for us as a family. The photo is of my cat watching 'It Takes Two' a couple of weeks ago!

Once i had made the page i had the mad idea to make my own glitter ball, so cut out a scalloped circle using Nestabilities, put a splodge of glossy accents on top, and added lots of Anitas gems. I wrote the journalling before the winner was announced, so was pleased that Chris and Ola took the trophy, despite not being the best dancers.... there was just something about them, and I'm sure we won't have seen the last of Ricky Whittle on the dance floor.

Went to the Nuneaton crop today, a lovely shared buffet, and I picked up some really cute button style brads. The best bit of the day was that the daughter of the organiser has a birthday on Christmas Eve, so we all took a bit of scrapbooking stash, and put it in a bag for her. She was so excited opening up her goodies.

Friends coming over for lunch tomorrow, so i need to do a little tidying before then, and cook up a vat of chilli!

Stay snug :)


Kim said...

HI Ann

I totally agree with you about Strictly. I am a big fan too. I want Chris and Ola to win too. I was in the audience 2 years ago, it was really interesting to actuallysee the show live.

Love your glitterball


Julia Dunnit said...

It's been a compulsion in this household too, but the idea of a LO never occurred to me...great idea, which i fyou don't mind, I will snaffle. Not lift though - the idea of making a glitterball makes my fat fingers pudge up!!

SusieJ said...

Me too! All my family are in to Strictly (that's OH and I, my Dad, my brother and SIL) - never thought of doing a LO. We too (apart from my Dad - for some strange, unexplained reason) were rooting for Chris. Dad refused to watch the final as he thought Ali should have gone through! But we thought the Show Dance was soooo telling - Chris and Ola were fab. Ricky and Natalie were technically better but there was no emotion there - no passion,no enjoyment.
Sue xx

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