Sunday, 24 January 2010

Family Flowers only.....

Am finally back online after a sad couple of days. Regular readers will know that i see quite a lot of my extended family, as most of my Mum's relatives still live fairly close to me.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we received very sad news about the sudden death of my cousin, who i had last seen on Boxing day with the family, and had joined us on our girls night out back in December.

Her funeral was on Friday, a very heart wrenching affair, as we all gathered as a family again. To be honest, i found this funeral so much harder to bear than that of my Grandparents, as my cousin was still relatively young, and it was so unexpected.

Mum and I made an arrangement of flowers for the day, it helped to keep Mum's mind off other worries, and as she said, she wanted to make something to give it the personal touch.

A very difficult post to write this, but to Julie, who was clever, loyal, funny, and loving, we will miss you loads, and God bless xxxxxx


cannycrafter said...

So sorry for your loss Ann. {{Hugs}} x

SusieJ said...

All my sympathy Ann. I too lost a cousin in her forties and it seems so cruel.
My thoughts and hugs are with you.
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Beautiful flowers; I think doing them yourselves was a really loving gesture; sending you gentle thoughts, this is a difficult time.

Ladkyis said...

I lost my cousin Louisa three years ago when she had an anurism in her brain. She drove me mad sometimes but she was MY cousin and we shared secrets and laughed together and I still feel the loss even though I still talk to her in my head.
Hugs from me to you, it gets easier - honest

Kim said...

HI Ann

I remember playing with you and Julie when we were children and I came to Coventry to visit you.
It's very sad.