Monday, 31 January 2011

A Mouses Tail

Here is a story (true) that I can see making it to a scrapbook page (if only I can get a picture of the pesky beast!) Our lovely cat (belonging to DD1 who has left her behind as she is at Uni) brought a little furry playmate in on Saturday night. Unfortunately she failed to dispatch the rodent, and spent the night running about my bedroom after it like a crazy thing.. And so we reach Sunday night, we had also failed dismally to catch the animal which was, by now, making itself at home in our room.

We cleared out under the bed in an effort to track him down, all to no avail. So off we went to bed (having locked kitty in the utility to prevent an increase in the mouse population) and tried to sleep. At around 2am I heard a lot of scrabbling about in the room, and then the mouse ran up and down the curtains, the door, in fact anywhere it could jump, probably looking for food :(

I nodded off only to wake with a start as I felt something tickle my hand. Having had enough by this point I got out of bed and got in with Katie, who has a KingSize all to herself... peace at last.

When I arose this morning and asked Kev how he'd slept his response was "Fine, I only woke once, when I felt something tickling my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Still no mouse to be seen, and I've switched the heating on in the spare room in case I need to decamp again!! The only positive thing about the whole affair is that the underneath of my bed has been cleared and hoovered for the first time in AGES!!!!


SusieJ said...

Eek! You're braver than I am Ann - no way would I have gone to bed with a mouse in the room.
Hope you catch it soon.
Sue xx

cannycrafter said...

No Ann I just could not rest until it was caught! This is the benefit of owning a dog, not a cat!! Lol!

Sheena said...

This really made me laugh Ann x
We used to have a mouse who would appear periodically in our kitchen, I was naive enough to think we only had 1 !!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I think that's more than I could have handled too! I once went to sleep with a bat in my room because I wasn't sure how to catch it though.