Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Crafty Follow up

No happy ending to the mousy tale I'm afraid, I found the little stiff....... (the mouse, that is!) in our room not long after posting. On the plus side my room is tidier and more organised than it has been for ages! Another page... this one shows why it is such a good thing to be crafting with friends, as they will always have a piece of kit or stash that will help out with a page. I had the idea to make a frame with the circles cut from a Cosmo Cricket piece of 12x12, but after cutting out 2 or 3 I got fed up, then as I was on retreat with friends, and there was probably more crafty stuff in the house than you would think possible, I had a thought; did someone have a circle punch to match the size of the circles on the paper?... silly question, and thanks to Nina, less than 5 minutes later I had punched out all the circles I needed! Next I used a sewing machine belonging to Pam, and the circles were stitched on, they look so much better than being simply glued.

The photo is from around 4 years ago on our annual trip to the south coast, lots of machine sewing, the title is die cut from chipboard using Sizzix thick die set, and I made the 'road at the bottom by cutting strips from Cosmo Cricket papers, and vehicles mounted on 3D foam. Looks a lot of work, but thanks to help received I got it done in {almost} no time!!

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