Thursday, 12 April 2012


A couple of week ago I went to Lincolnshire to spend a weekend with my crafternoon friends messing aboutwith papers. Sarah invited her stepmum Joy along to join us, and Joy tried to teach us the very tricky art of tatting,
a craft that produces beautifully delicate lacy creations simply by knotting threads. I say simply, but that is an understatement, because although there were talented knitters and crafters away with us, only one of us managed to produce even the simplest of chain stitches!
Joy gave us a lovely piece of tatting in the form of a buttterfly
so I decided to put mine on a page as I can't see me making much more progress with this tricky craft.

Tatting, a beautiful craft from a bygone era that needs so much more patience than I can muster!
Here's Joy trying to teach her very difficult class!


Kara said...

I have actually picked mine up a couple times since, but still can't get the knack!

Ladkyis said...

I was taught at a craft show and spent three whole evenings studiously knotting. I finished a tiny teeny flower after nearly 16 hours of work and decided that life was far too short for me to give whole swathes of it to tatting.
I admire the dedication it takes, but for me it is like watching tropical fish.

SueB said...

Absolutely beautiful Ann, I love the tatting and your stunning layout! Suzie xxx :)

Svjetlana said...

Beautiful page Ann, I agree, life is too short, stck with scrapbooking, LOL

cannycrafter said...

My mum used to do tatting! I wonder if she can remember how???? CCx