Saturday, 21 June 2014

Project Life April

April was going to be a big month, most of the Easter holiday was due to fall during April, it was our wedding anniversary, and Kev had organised lots of family celebrations for my big birthday

I thought I would have no problems finding pictures for my PL page for the month so had planned a double layout; how wrong I was!
The month started well with silly pictures of me with work mates on character day at school. Emma was the funniest with an inflated rubber glove sewn to her top as an udder (the cow that jumped over the moon!) Of course we had Easter, so the eggs got a look in, but I had to be dragged out my sick-bed for my birthday photos in my highly attractive pyjamas. Finally, BBC2 saved the day by almost sharing their 50th birthday with me, so I managed to find a picture of the ident they were using to celebrate.
Page done!

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